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    American AgCredit’s AgYouth Program is part of the Association's commitment to Young, Beginning and Small Farmers, targeting school-aged students who have exhibited an interest in agriculture by joining 4-H Clubs and Future Farmers of America Chapters. Under the AgYouth Program, Association staff will work through qualifying 4-H Clubs and FFAChapters to assist students with qualifying livestock projects by providing financial and educational assistance, as well as emphasizing the importance of accurate records, budgeting and honoring obligations to repay.

    The AgYouth Program is intended to:

    • Provide a beneficial learning experience for the participant.
    • Provide seed money for the future agriculturalist.

    Who Can Apply?
    FFA and 4-H participants nine years of age or older as of the beginning of the fair year who demonstrate a C average or better in school.

    Project Limits
    Dairy - Replacement Heifer $1,500 max.
    Beef - Market Steer $1,500 max.
    Sheep - Market Lamb $500 max.
    Swine - Market Hog $500 max.
    Goat - Market/Replacement $500 max.
    Calf - Market Calf $500 max.


    • Use funds to purchase and care for project animal
    • Keep accurate records available for AAC to inspect
    • Repay funds at end of project
    Program Administration
    • QUALIFYING CLUBS - Branch managers determine qualifying clubs as those willing to cooperate with the Association in the administration of the program.
    • INTEREST - The Association will not charge interest on these funds.
    • FUNDS - are available for one project per year per student. Exceptions may be made with branch manager approval for one additional project for a different fair.
    • APPLICATIONS - Each student will sign a standard application/agreement. A parent and the adult club supervisor must sign as well. Applications must be submitted no later than 60 days before the applicable fair.
    • ADVANCES - All advances will be made payable to student AND parent or guardian.
    Restrictions apply to this program. Applications should be submitted early to qualify for funding.

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