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"With upwards of 4,000 acres and 400 employees, our financial needs are complex and varied. Since day one, our local office has bent over backwards to accommodate us and lent the expertise we needs to grow our business."

- Dave Peri
Peri & Sons, Inc.

Equipment & Vehicle Leasing

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  • From vineyards to orchards, dairies to nurseries, row crops to packers, every agricultural operation depends on reliable equipment. With today's level of investment in field and facility equipment, leasing provides an alternative to the cost of purchasing while protecting your operation against obsolescence by allowing new equipment and technology to be acquired without a great cash outlay.

    What American AgCredit Leases:
  • Tractors
  • Harvesting Equipment
  • Implements
  • Vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Dairy Equipment
  • Packing Equipment and Bins
  • Processing and Storage Equipment
  • Above Ground Irrigation Systems
  • ...and much more
  • For decades, American AgCredit has helped the agricultural industry fully capitalize on the advantages of leasing. Our complete attention, energy and resources are focused on agriculture, and this specialization makes us unique. We're dedicated to keeping up with vital changes that impact your business -- and to create new, more profitable opportunities for you through equipment leasing.

    Leasing is an attractive way to acquire equipment. It's flexible enough to conform to your financing needs and affordable enough to keep you in the best equipment. To be eligible for our leasing programs, individuals must be owners of agricultural land or engaged in production agriculture. When it is not practical to disturb existing loan agreements, leasing can help.

    Why Lease?

    Leasing requires no down payment and:

    • Conserves Working Capital:
      • Acquire needed equipment while keeping other credit sources available.
      • 100% financing helps conserve working capital for other important uses.
    • Payments cover only the value of equipment used during lease.
    • Lease payments may be tax deductible* -
      • Capital leases are available if you want the depreciation.
      • True leases are available if you want the payments treated as a rent expense.

      • * Always see your tax consultant for specific advice.
    • Sales Tax Benefits for Truck Leasing
      • Trucks, (light, medium, heavy duty, and truck tractors) and anything permanently attached to the vehicles such as utility beds, cranes, water tanks and auxiliary fuel tanks are exempt from sales tax on the lease payments.
    • Lease terms from 2 - 7 years with a flexible repayment schedule
      • Customize repayment to match your income stream.
    • Quick turnaround time to process and document a lease.
    • Convenience of One Payment
      • Include multiple items into one lease contract.
      • This single payment can include attachments, freight, extended warranties, etc.
    Our leasing program offers an alternative to equipment purchase. When the lease is over you can handle the value remaining in the equipment in one of three ways: return the equipment, renew the lease, or purchase the equipment according to the purchase option stated in the lease contract. The total financing cost is simple to calculate, and the purchase price at the lease end is disclosed up-front.

    For all your equipment leasing needs, contact a loan officer at the American AgCredit office location nearest you. We offer competitive pricing, flexible payment terms and fast turn-around time. We know the needs of your operation and can tailor a leasing plan suitable to your operation.

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