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"I’ve dealt with many different lenders in my 39 year career, and I can say without reservation that American AgCredit is peerless. They’re conservative, responsive, resourceful and there when you need them – first class all the way."

- Richard Arrowood
Arrowood Winery and Vineyards

Loans / Financing

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  • Nobody knows as well as we do how difficult it can be with traditional banks to find the loan program that can work with the flow of your crop cycles and fit your changing financing needs. Bank programs are made more for “traditional” business models but they often don’t fit yours. Isn’t it funny how the most deeply rooted tradition – farming and ranching – somehow no longer fits in the ‘traditional’ banking world? We know how your ag business constantly changes, so our loan programs are as flexible as possible to fit your financial needs in every season. Whether you’re buying land for production or construction, installing irrigation systems or need to cover your accounts receivable, we have a program designed to help your business grow.

    Long Term Loans
    Our fixed-rate, adjustable and variable rate mortgage loans have options tailored to your specific needs. Use a long term loan for:

    • Vineyard and Orchard development
    • Real estate purchase and improvement
    • Packing and storage facilities
    • Water development and irrigation projects
    • Debt refinancing
    Intermediate Term Loans
    You can free up your capital with intermediate-term loans with maturities of up to 10 years. These loans can be used for:
    • Production and processing equipment purchases
    • Building repairs or improvements
    • Construction development
    • Development of permanent plantings
    • Debt refinancing
    • Timber/Land purchase
    • Others
    Short-Term Loans
    For your day-to-day operating needs, short-term financing can be just the solution, and is available as budgeted loans or revolving lines of credit with maturities of one to four years. Use these loans for:
    • Crop production and harvest expenses
    • Livestock and feed purchases
    • Others
    Equipment Lease Placements
    Improve your cash flow and possibly obtain tax advantages by leasing instead of buying your equipment. We offer a full range of lease options, including very attractive vehicle leases, tailored to your unique financial needs.
    Learn more about our lease options.

    Appraisal Services
    Almost any transaction involving your property will require an expert appraisal. Our staff includes state-certified general real estate appraisers who specialize in farm, rural properties and timber. If an appraisal is needed for obtaining your loan or establishing a value, our appraisal staff can help.

    Credit Life Insurance
    You can protect your loan obligations with competitively priced credit life insurance with plans developed specifically for Farm Credit customers.

    Funds Held Account
    Would you benefit from an interest bearing pre-payment account from which you can make loan payments? Funds placed in a Funds Held account can be withdrawn to make loan payments and for certain other purposes, and accrue interest for your benefit at a variable rate.

    A Funds Held Account can be opened when you borrow from the Association to:

    • Make a loan payment
    • Apply funds to your account
    • Use for other agricultural purposes
    • No minimum level of investment is necessary
    • Can withdraw the funds with a phone call
    Interested in finding out more? Talk to your Loan Officer for complete details.

    Harvest Preferred (H) Stock
    Looking for more flexible options? For Association stockholders who need a competitive dividend rate in a flexible form, we offer a progressive investment vehicle. Preferred Harvest Stock carries a variable dividend rate and may be purchased and retired to fit your investment needs. Investment minimums are low, and you can access your account balances at any time using our Online Banking service.

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