Nominating Committee – Great Plains

Candidate information includes a brief description of their farming operation, role in that operation, and/or business experience.


Chandler Cupp – Scott City, KS

Irrigated and Dryland no-till farm in southwest and west central Kansas and a ranch between Pueblo and Colorado Springs and Kiowa County, Colorado. Also started a crop insurance agency with a partner which we later sold and a former partner in a sale barn.

Jacob Harshberger – Minneola, KS

My family owns and operates a 25,000-acre irrigated and dry land farm in southwest Kansas where we specialize in the commercial production of corn, soybeans, wheat, milo, and beef cattle. In this operation, I serve two roles. My role on the farm is to oversee and manage all operations from seeding, to chemical application, to harvesting. My role in the office is to collect, record, organize, and interpret data from all areas of the operation, including crop yields, machine performance, and expenses in order to facilitate better decision making. In addition to these roles, I personally own and operate a smaller scale farming operation of about 3,500 acres that is of similar function as our family operation, and where I have the same responsibilities, only I have a more active role in the business side of things, including sourcing supplies and grain marketing.

Randy Hayzlett – Lakin, KS

The operation is a cow/calf operation where irrigated grass is raised as well as some dry land wheat. The grass is either cut and baled or grazed as needed. My role in the operation has always been as owner and operator of the farm and ranch until last year when I leased my irrigated land out. I still own the cow herd but have leased them to the same entity as the land. A percentage of the calf crop will remain in my control. I still own and maintain all irrigation equipment, however day to day decisions about the crop belong to the tenant.

Don Hineman – Dighton, KS

I farm in partnership with my son in a dryland grain farming operation of 14,000 acres. We practice extensive no-till and precision agriculture in order to maximize profitability and sustainability. Currently developing increased on-farm storage and focusing on enhanced post-harvest marketing sales opportunities. Basic farming income is further enhanced with other revenue streams such as hauling manure in the offseason, and enrolling marginal ground in conservation programs, most notably the Playa Lakes program.

Trista Priest – Satanta, KS

I’m the third generation at our family’s custom feedyard in southwest Kansas. We pride ourselves on treating our customers like family. After graduating from Kansas State University with my masters, I have been back at the yard currently overseeing day-to-day operations but have also spent a lot of time on risk management, finance, HR, etc. My husband and I have a small row crop farm where we grow feed inputs for the cattle.

William Schultz – Ridgecrest, CA

There are three production agriculture operations that I have a financial interest in. These include corn, sorghum and wheat produced near Tribune, Kansas; cotton, wheat, sorghum, peanuts, and beef produced in the western Texas Panhandle; and a financial interest in a small wine grape vineyard on the California North Coast. I am involved in financial planning of the agronomic crop production. My business background includes a Master of Science in Accounting from California State University at Fresno, and a Juris Master’s degree in tax law from the University of Alabama Law School. In addition to the education, I have an enrolled agent practice where I provide both reporting and representation before the Internal Revenue Service. Most of my clients are either individuals, or family-owned production agriculture operations.



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