Candidate information includes a brief description of their farming operation, role in that operation, and/or business experience.


Chandler Cupp – Scott City, KS

Irrigated and Dryland Silage and Grain Farm is located in Western Kansas (Scott, Lane, Greeley, Hamilton, Rush, Graham, Grant Counties) with a focus on providing silage and grain to local feedyards and to dairies. The cow/calf ranch is located between Colorado Springs and Pueblo and Kiowa County

Chad Gerber – Scott City, KS

Growing up on the family farm, I have a lifetime experience producing wheat and milo. Our operation also includes cow/calf, and feeder cattle. As the President and sole farm operator, I make decisions that affect daily, as well as future, outcomes.

Don Hineman – Dighton, KS

I farm in partnership with my son in a dryland grain farming operation of 16,000 acres. We practice extensive no-till and precision agriculture to maximize profitability and sustainability. Currently developing increased on-farm storage and focusing on enhanced post-harvest marketing sales opportunities. Basic farming income is supplemented with other revenue streams such as hauling manure in the offseason, and enrolling marginal ground in conservation programs, particularly the Playa Lakes program.

James Sipes – Manter, KS

We operate a 5th generation rainfed grain farm that raises wheat, primarily for certified seed; grain sorghum, and corn on around 15,000 acres. I began farming with my Dad and uncle but they have mostly retired. I have made management decisions since 1993 when I returned home from Kansas State University with my MS in Agriculture (Agronomy). I became the president of our corporations nearly 15 years ago but have always relied on my partners to help with difficult decisions until all contracted Covid in 2020. While most survived, they are no longer active on the operation. We employ 5 additional workers to help with our operations and seasonal workers to help with harvests.

Darren Steinert – Otis, KS

Proud owner/operator of a 5th generation Central Kansas family dryland farming and ranching operation. HRW wheat, grain sorghum and alfalfa are our primary cash crops. We raise 100% of our own forage crops used in our commercial cow/calf operation which we also retain and develop 100% of our own replacement heifers. We are getting more aggressive in marketing farm-to-fork beef where we offer live beef cattle to consumers to be delivered and slaughtered at a local packing house of their choosing. We also offer a turnkey custom haying operation for our surrounding area. I have been involved with the family operation for over 40 years and have been the primary operator for the past 10. I am proud to say the 6th generation is highly involved and is taking over additional responsibilities as we continue to grow and evolve into the future.

Samantha Williams – Lakin, KS

My husband and I have a dryland farming operation. We are very active with our conservation district and enroll in no till, cover crop and carbon programs with our county. I am a co-decision maker, Dakota does all the farming and I do all the bill paying. We also have cattle and chickens that we manage and market, I do all of the marketing and budgets for that as well as all of the book keeping.



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