Candidate information includes a brief description of their farming operation, role in that operation, and/or business experience.


Joe Bernal – Loma, CO

I am the managing partner in a father-son, 5th generation, family farm operation. Our farm is situated near Grand Junction, Colorado. We are a 1600 acre irrigated crop operation. We raise cash crops, corn, wheat, alfalfa hay. I currently serve as president of the Grand Valley water users association board and have been an active member for 15 years. I am also very involved in state and local water affairs.

John Caldwell – Longmont, CO

Irrigated farmland (currently rented), pasture and feedlot cattle ownership (capital and risk management). Commercial and residential real estate ownership and management. Commodity trading and public equities ownership and management.

Dustin Cooksey – Strasburg, CO

I am a partner in my family’s diversified farming operation. Formerly with grandpa, my father, and 2 uncles, but now just my father and I. Grandpa recently passed and our farm is reorganizing into several operations in order to allow us each to focus more on our passions. I’ve been farming carpet since I could crawl and dirt since my dad would let me. I had an opportunity to purchase my first farm in my final year of college (2007) and couldn’t pass it up. So I left college a few credits short of my bachelors degree and haven’t looked back. It’s a goal of mine to finish my degree before 40. My role has evolved from the time I started helping dad run tractors and turn small wrenches in my late elementary years. Today, I am involved in managing spreadsheets, making crop plans, marketing, turning wrenches, and still trying to get into the tractor or combine seat as much as I can. We make decisions as a team, but I have felt responsibility shifting my way over the last few years.

Timothy Gittlein – Fort Lupton, CO

Multi generational operation located in Weld County, Colorado. 3000 acre irrigated and dryland row crop operation, custom hay harvesting business. I handle the daily management of operations as well as the financial and risk management along with my wife and two sons who work in the business as well. I have been operating the farm since 1996.

Andrea Kinnison – Grover, CO

My husband, father and I operate a cow/calf operation, backgrounding lot and dry land farm operation. I am actively involved in the day to day operations and decision making as well as solely managing the accounting and financial planning portion of the business. We strive to work together as a family and grow the business to remain sustainable for generations to come.

Jim Redmond – Yampa, CO

I own a small livestock ranch west of Yampa, CO where it is utilized for livestock grazing and hunting. The ranch I am affiliated with has been in the family since 1917. Presently my brother utilizes all agricultural aspects of my ranch. My business experience included managing agricultural assets across the western US and serving as a V.P./Senior Farm Manager with Farmland Management Service/Hancock Farmland Services. I am presently a V.P. of Row Crops with Root Agricultural Advisory. I have managed agricultural assets across most of the Western States and have managed up to $300 million in assets from dryland farms to very elaborate, large, diverse river irrigated farms.



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