Press Releases
Featured image for Rallying around our community in a time of need
November 07, 2019

American AgCredit is working alongside agriculture industry groups to contribute relief funds to support recovery for agricultural producers and our communities.

Featured image for American AgCredit and Farm Credit Services of Hawaii announce combination
July 01, 2019

American AgCredit (AAC) and Farm Credit Services of Hawaii (FCSH) have announced the completion of their Plan of Combination.

Featured image for Cash Patronage Distribution Increased to a Full 1%
April 15, 2019

American AgCredit increased Cash Patronage Distribution to a full 1% resulting in $86 million cash back to its customers.

Featured image for $159.1 Million Net Income for 2017
April 03, 2018

American AgCredit announced net income of $159.1 million for the year ended December 31, 2017, along with a cash dividend distribution of $59.8 million to its shareholders.