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Featured image for Summer 2012 Newsletter
May 25, 2012   |   admin
Featured image for Spring 2012 Newsletter
February 23, 2012   |   admin

The first quarter has set up 2012 to be a positive and productive year. In the past two quarters we’ve seen more loan activity than we have in the past two years. This is ...

Featured image for Fall 2011 Newsletter
September 23, 2011   |   admin

As of the end of the third quarter, your Association is above earnings based on last year’s totals. Our credit quality has strengthened and we’re continuing to move ...

Featured image for Spring 2011 Newsletter
February 23, 2011   |   admin

2010 proved to be a banner year for American AgCredit. Following the successful merger with Farm Credit of the Heartland, ACA, in late 2009, the Association’s full-year ea...

Featured image for Summer 2010 Newsletter
May 25, 2010   |   admin

Heading into the second half of the year, we can safely predict that 2010 will be a strong income year.