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The Demler Family

California eggs

Pine Hill Egg Ranch

In 1974 Kevin Demler and his father Edmund purchased a 120,000 layer and pullet ranch just northeast of San Diego. Five years later, Kevin and his wife Mary bought the ranch from his dad and Pine Hill Egg Ranch was on its way to a remarkable journey of success. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without American AgCredit,” Kevin says, “they’ve helped us so much, especially with construction of modern, larger, more spacious brooding facilities.”

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The Talbott Family

Colorado grapes peaches

Living, Working & Growing Together

The Talbott family traveled from the Midwest to settle in Palisade, Colorado in 1917. Incorporated in 1962, the family is now three generations strong, growing and packing 150 tons of fruit per day on specially designed machinery – working nearly 400 acres of owned acreage, and packing hundreds more. With crops ranging from peaches to wine grapes and pears, Talbott’s Mountain Gold is a real success story with a legacy built on planning for the long-term.

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The Chiala Family

California row-crops


Since 1972, George Chiala has been farming full-time – growing peppers, tomatoes, and other vegetables. In the process, he developed his own processing equipment and now provides processed crops to national food brands. With his family on board, Chiala Farms shows what real success through the generations is.

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The Branstetter Family

California cattle


Since crossing the Plains in the 1860s, the Branstetter family has been working the land. Starting with their first Farm Credit loan in 1963, the family has now expanded their cattle business with their daughter and their young grandchildren, representing four generations that maintain the closeness of the family business on a wide spread of acreage throughout Northern California.

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The Bergkamp Family

Kansas corn milo soybeans wheat


With a passion for farming, Tom bought his first farm in 1973, and now works with son Mark on farming the corn and soybean fields. The family works multiple properties growing row crops in Kansas, grateful for the opportunities provided by farming for their growing family.

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The Gansberg Family

California cattle hay


Ranching in the family since the 1800s, Chris Gansberg and his family have been farming for four generations on the same property since 1903. Since then, they’ve expanded their territory, and diversified their operations from cattle to alfalfa hay, horses, and other diversified activities. Throughout years of challenges, the Gansbergs have grown, changed and prospered.

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The Longstreth Family

California almonds cherries walnuts


Farming, harvesting and managing about 4500 acres of cherries, walnuts and almonds, the Longstreth Family has built a strong legacy since 1980 when they committed full-time to farming. With custom harvesting, management and leasing work as well, the family is passing on their love of farming to their sons – with a focus on discipline, independence, and doing it on your own. They’re proud of what they do, and so are we.

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The Sangiacomo Family

California grapes


Beginning in 1927 on 56 acres, the Sangiacomo’s turned to American AgCredit in the 1970s to transform 256 acres of fruit orchards into vineyards. Taking their passion and excitement, the family now farms wine grapes for some of the most prestigious winemakers in the world and are making plans to carry this into the 4th generation. Success through the generations.

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The Gless Family

California citrus


John and Janet Gless own and manage several thousand acres of citrus in Southern California with their three children. The Gless citrus legacy began in 1907 with a hundred acre property and five acres of oranges. They’ve since increased the farmland to include Valencias and lemons, launching what is now five generations of citrus growers

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