2024-2025 Nominating Committee Candidates

Candidate information includes a brief description of their farming operation, role in that operation, and/or business experience.


Robert Boynton – Winter Park, CO

With my wife and sister, I own a small, organic dairy farm in Humboldt County/Ferndale, CA. I was born and raised on this farm, and it has been continuously owned and operated by our family since it was homesteaded in 1858. It is currently operated by my cousin under a long-term lease. We raise the majority of our roughage requirements, including pasture, corn silage and haylage. Our milk is purchased by Rumiano Cheese Co. I oversee the operation of this dairy, ensure regulatory compliance, maintain the buildings, and serve as the rental agent for two homes on the dairy.

I served on the Agricultural Economics faculty at Purdue University and Cornell University (6 yrs), was Executive Director of the Dairy Institute of California, a dairy processor trade association (9 yrs), and served as the Sr. VP of Marketing & Sales for Denver-based Leprino Foods Co., the world’s largest manufacturer of Italian cheese (15 yrs). I served on the Board of Directors of American AgCredit from 2017-2022 and chaired the Compensation Committee for 3 of those years. I have a bachelor’s degree in animal science from UC Davis, an M.S. in Agricultural Economics from UC Davis, and a PhD. in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State University.

John Caldwell – Longmont, CO

Cattle feeding for 60 years and irrigated farming for 40 years. Strategic planning, accounting, cash and risk management. Formerly owned and operated a grain merchandising business for 40 years.

Quade Erker – Keenesburg, CO

My younger brother and I are the owners of Middle J Farms, LLC in Roggen, Colorado. We started the farm in 2017, by leasing 817 acres. In 2019, we purchased our first combine and began custom harvesting to supplement farm income and be able to leave our day jobs to work on our farm full time. Through hard-work and determination, we quickly grew the farm in to a 10,000+ acre operation that spans five Colorado counties. As we grew, we quickly learned that we needed to define job titles/roles for my brother and I to oversee on the farm. My roles include business management, planting operations and tillage operations, while my brother oversees nutrient management, chemical applications, and harvest operations.  Of course, we work together to accomplish all of the tasks on the farm, but we find we are most efficient when we designate roles for us each to oversee. The vast majority of my business experience comes from my work at Middle J Farms; however, my brother and I also own Lost Creek Estates, LLC where we own a few pieces of farm ground that we lease back to our farm, as well as several small rental properties.

Timothy Gittlein – Fort Lupton, CO

I manage a multi-generational farming operation in Weld County, Colorado. The operation consists of irrigated and dryland acres as well as a custom farming enterprise. Crops include winter wheat, alfalfa, corn, mixed forages and a cow-calf herd. I handle the daily activities as well as the financial and risk management decisions for the farm. I work in partnership with my wife, Jolene, and my two sons.

Andrea Ingo – Montrose, CO

I am an active partner in our family’s cattle ranch. We are a cow-calf operation and I manage the day-to-day operations for the cattle and haying activities and assist with our hunting enterprise. I have worked solely for the ranch the past 19 years; prior to that I worked at a local bank for five years.

Clay Kinnison – Grover, CO

My wife and I own and operate a 125 head cow-calf operation in Grover, Colorado. In addition, I work alongside my parents with their cow-calf operation and backgrounding feedlot. We focus on a cow that has high maternal instincts and the skills to thrive on the high plains of Northeast Colorado. The cattle breed we have found that does the best job at this is the Balancer (Gelbvieh x Angus). We then take those cows and cross them to Charolais bulls to maximize heterosis in the offspring which achieves a calf that has great gaining potential in the feedlot and meat quality. We wean all of our calves at 600 lbs, background them to 800 lbs and then market them. Currently my wife and I have started to raise our own seedstock replacements with registered Gelbvieh cattle. As of now we are only raising bulls for our own use but going forward we hope to raise bulls to market to other operations.

Danny Walck – Collbran, CO

I have been the owner and operator of my family’s partnership, Double W Partners, from 1998-2019. I was the managing partner and main operator of our commercial cattle herd and hay production. We began operations in Eagle, Colorado and moved back to Collbran, Colorado in 2007 to operate on the family’s ranches. I am the 5th generation rancher in Collbran. In 2013, we purchased land and ranch in De Beque, Colorado and we ran cattle and hay in both Collbran and De Beque areas. In 2019, the Double W Partners was dissolved as my parents retired and my wife and I began Walck Cattle, LLC. We continue to run our cattle operation and hay production in Collbran, Colorado with our sons.



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