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Online Banking

Online Banking

general information


Online banking is the fastest, most convenient way to access your secured account information and process transactions.

Online Banking Gives You Access To:

View Account Information

View current balances, interest information, transaction history, statements, draft images and current payment amount for your American AgCredit accounts.

Process Transactions

Make payments on your American AgCredit accounts from your external bank account, draw available account funds, or transfer money between accounts.

Download Account History

Export your account information for use in standard money management software programs.

Your Information is Confidential

At American AgCredit, your privacy is a top priority, and your financial and personal information is protected with top of the line safeguards. Our employees must comply with federal regulations that prohibit unauthorized use of your information. We do not sell your information to third parties. And, unless we are required by law, we do not provide your information to anyone (including your accountant or attorney) without your authorization.

We Protect Your Privacy

American AgCredit takes many precautions to protect your privacy when you do business with us through Online Banking.

Browser Encryption

To access your account, you must use an Internet browser that utilizes 128-bit encryption technology, which is an industry standard for secure area browsing of sensitive information.

Adaptive Authentication

Adaptive Authentication doesn’t take the place of your secure User ID and Password, but will operate in addition to these standard security tools.


  • SECOND LAYER OF SECURITY: In addition to your Username and Password at Log In, Adaptive Authentication provides a secondary layer of security for your financial records, transactions and data.
  • CHALLENGE QUESTIONS: When setting up Adaptive Authentication, you will be provided with a group of Challenge Questions. You will select three questions and provide the answers, which will allow you to log in from multiple computers and locations.
  • LOGIN IDENTIFICATION: If you log in from a different computer or other location, you will be asked to authenticate yourself by answering one of your challenge questions. This creates an additional step for identification and security.

Software Safeguards

A “timeout” feature shuts down access to your account to keep others from viewing your data after you leave your computer. The timeout feature can be customized to your preference up to 30 minutes. After the timeout period, the site will require you to reenter your password to access your account again. To thwart would-be hackers, a customer’s account will be inaccessible after three unsuccessful sign-on attempts. All activities are electronically logged, so American AgCredit can review them in case of any suspicious activity.


The only way to access American AgCredit customer account information is through the secured section of our web site, which is protected by a “firewall.” A firewall is part of our security system that helps prevent hackers or other unauthorized people from breaking into our computer systems.

Password Protection

The system will automatically prompt you to change your password every 180 days.  Please note that American AgCredit employees will never ask you for your password.  Do not provide your password to anyone, and always keep your password confidential and safe.  There are additional safeguards you can take to help protect your password.

  • Sign off of your account before walking away from your computer or before visiting other Internet sites.
  • Clear your computer cache when exiting your account.
  • Immediately inform us of a lost or stolen password, any suspicious or unauthorized transactions or any suspicious request for information.

Additional Information

You can find other important Online Banking details in our Online Banking Agreement. Please be sure to read the Agreement when you enroll in Online Banking.