Ardith DunnArdith Dunn

Age as of March 1, 2022:       62

Residence Location:   Moscow, KS

Place of Operation:    Moscow, KS

Business Experience: Prior to my retirement, I was involved in the public education world for 34 years (Mathematics/Computer Teacher & Coach-17 years, Jr.-Sr. High School Principal – 5 years, Superintendent-12 years).  All the while, my husband and I were raising three boys while managing a family farm.  Since my retirement, I am working part time as the southwest representative for the Kansas Public Retirement System (KPERS).  Being retired allows me more time to help with the farm’s bookwork, harvest, and other activities on the farm.

Education: B.S. (Mathematics)/Doctorate (Educational Leadership)

Current Boards: Buffalo Dunes Wind Farm – Serve as the Commissioners Advisory Chair for the committee and as a liaison for the Dudley township community; Senator Moran’s Service Academy Selection Board – Select on behalf of Senator Moran, his appointments for the Service Academies via student interviews; Friends University Board of Trustees.

Strategic & Visionary Thinking: As a superintendent, visionary thinking was critical and essential. It is important to always be well versed in the latest techniques or trends while at the same time being able to make sure all decisions fall within the parameters of an overall vision. I believe one of my strengths is the ability to research issues and look for methods that are advantageous to an organization. My mathematical background gives me some expertise in strategy and logic.

Corporate Governance: Corporative governance is a form of accountability to maintain the cohesiveness of an organization while assuring other benefits such as internal controls, encouraging positive behavior, and reducing the cost of capital. I possess communication skills and a personality that builds trust and confidence in people around me. I take pride in my business and personal integrity and I understand confidentiality and the importance of the concept. I am transparent and would be dedicated to the Board of Trustees as a member.

Financial Expertise: In today’s world, schools are dependent on a superintendent’s financial expertise. I was successful in keeping a small town school up-to-date and financially stable. I do most of the financial book work on our family farm. It is difficult to balance needs with wants, savings with spending, and finance 3 families within a one farm budget. As partners, we enjoy discussing markets over meals and there seems to always be a discussion about finances amongst us!

Communication: Communication is definitely one of my strong points. My current job with KPERS requires me to speak with individuals, but also give large presentations to different sized audiences. I also possess the ability to listen and understand people to a point of bridging misunderstandings or gaps between conversations. I have had training in negotiations and non-verbal communication cues.

Technology: I am well versed in today’s technology. I can use most any type of computer or hand held devise. Working on the internet or with various types of software is an everyday occurrence. All of our farm’s finances are computerized too. During this Covid time, I have utilized Go-To-Meeting or Zoom to do most of my presentations. I consider technology a challenge and enjoy trying something new on an occasion.

Human Resource Management: Being a superintendent of a small school district allows for many opportunities to gain skills and knowledge in several areas, human resources being one of those areas. To gain a competitive advantage, I had to be strategic, resourceful and efficient in hiring and managing school personnel. It was essential to continually train, evaluate performance, and implement some type of reward for the employees to maintain a positive working environment. The school being one of the larger employers in Haskell County, I consider myself very knowledgeable in the area of human resources.

Risk Management: Risk management skills are more strategic in nature but are necessary in any business cooperative. My experience with risk management has been extensive. In education it seems that at least once a week we were identifying something (sometime small but unfortunately sometime very significant) that was a risk to someone or several people that required us to investigate and record findings, take and record all actions by all parties involved, so then we could assess the entire situation to avoid repeat occurrences. This process can be applied to any type of risk management process whether financial or otherwise. I consider myself experienced in this process and can remain unbiased in making decisions.

Leadership: I am honest, hard working, ethical, dedicated, flexible, and organized. I enjoy working alongside people, learning as I go because I believe the best leaders have the best understanding of the needs of the people within the organization. I have great problem solving skills, the ability to visualize solutions, and can mediate conversations. Good leaders should encourage and structure ways for new ideas to emerge. A good leader is available, will listen, and work to build a cohesive team within the cooperative.



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