At American AgCredit, we offer highly experienced agents and crop insurance policies custom-designed to manage your risk and protect your operation.

We know the threat that crop failure or natural disaster can pose to your operation. Our crop insurance experts are ready to work with you to tailor a personalized plan that helps mitigate risk and keeps your business safe.

Depending on the nature of your operation, we offer targeted crop insurance plans to protect your business.

produce from above, example of insurable crops with federal crop insurance including multi peril crop insurance


We offer a wide variety of commodity-specific plans to protect your crops. We offer both yield and revenue-based protection to help your operation succeed, even under challenging circumstances.

  • Actual Production History
  • Actual Revenue History
  • Revenue Protection
  • Yield Protection

Red beef cattle under a tree, which are insurable with livestock insurance from American AgCredit


Raising livestock comes with a different set of challenges. From cattle to lambs, swine, and milk production, we help producers protect against decreasing margins and price for operations large and small.

Tall grass on a field on the federal crop insurance and livestock insurance page


Rainfall index coverage targets a single but damaging peril — lack of precipitation. We offer several insurance products based on rainfall, which can help protect your operation from the financial impacts of dry weather.

Peaches on a tree branch on the named peril federal crop insurance section


Whether your operation faces risk from fire, freeze or hail, we offer a variety of crop insurance plans to ensure you are protected from the effects of extreme weather. Named peril insurance covers damage to specific commodities caused by associated common perils:

  • Crop Hail
  • Crop Fire
  • Grape Cluster Freeze
  • Hail Protection Plan
  • Citrus Freeze
  • Tomato Rain
  • Replant Extra
  • Pasture Fire

4 men in a field with cattle


Whole Farm Revenue Protection provides a safety net of coverage for your crop and livestock operations. For diversified producers who may have crops and livestock that are not covered by federal crop insurance programs, Whole Farm Revenue Protection can help these operations manage risk.

Grape vine insurance program coming soon


A new insurance program for grape producers is available in the 2024 crop year. In addition to insuring your production, you also can insure your vines against perils including freeze, hail, flood, and fire. Learn more about this new program here.

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Key Crop Insurance Dates

Sales Closing DateProduction Reporting Due DateAcreage Report DeadlinePremium Billing Date
Almonds/PistachioDec 31Mar 15Mar 15Aug 15
Cherries/Stonefruit (CA)Jan 31Mar 15Mar 15Aug 15
Citrus/CO PeachesNov 20Jan 15Jan 15Aug 15
CoffeeDec 31Mar 15Mar 15Aug 15
Corn/SoybeansMar 15Apr 29July 15Aug 15
CottonMar 151Apr 291July 15Aug 15
Grapes2Jan 31Mar 17May 15Aug 15
OnionsFeb 1Mar 18May 15July 13
Pecans/ChileJan 31--May 154Aug 15
PRFDec 1--Dec 1Sep 1
SorghumMar 15Apr 29July 15Aug 15
WalnutsJan 31Mar 15Mar 15Aug 15
Whole Farm Revenue ProtectionMar 155--July 15Aug 15
Winter WheatSept 30Nov 14Nov 15July 1
  1. California and Texas Cotton Sales Closing Deadline, 2/28; Production Reporting Date, 4/14
  2. Colorado and Oregon Grapes Sales Closing Deadline, 11/20; Production Reporting Date, 1/15; Colorado Grapes Acreage Reporting Deadline, 1/15 (Oregon Grapes Acreage Reporting Deadline is the same as California, 5/15)
  3. Colorado Onions Premium Billing Date, 7/15
  4. New Mexico Chile Pepper Acreage Reporting Deadline, 7/15
  5. California Whole Farm Revenue Sales Closing Deadline, 2/28


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If you require assistance during this time, please call 800-869-6034 for support.