Welcome to American AgCredit’s Whistleblower Program


American AgCredit is committed to the highest standards of conduct and ethics for all officers, directors and employees while conducting their duties and responsibilities. Therefore, the Association has established a Whistleblower Program to encourage and enable the reporting of any concerns related to suspected unethical activities or fraud. To facilitate the anonymous reporting, American AgCredit has engaged a third party vendor, EthicsPoint a division of NAVEX Global, to facilitate the Program.

The Whistleblower Program is not designed for making comments or general complaints regarding customer service matters. For these matters please go to the Contact Us page.


If you suspect unethical behavior or fraud, you may file an anonymous report with EthicsPoint utilizing the following methods:

To leverage the mobile device reporting mechanism, simply scan the QR Code below with your mobile device.

Whistleblower QR Code


Using EthicsPoint, reports can be reported anonymously to maintain the highest degree of confidentiality.


The Whistleblower Program is administered by the Audit Committee of the American AgCredit Board of Directors. All reports will be forwarded confidentially to the Audit Committee for review and resolution.

Protection for Whistleblower Reporters

Reprisal and retaliation for reporting concerns and wrongdoing is prohibited by Federal laws and regulations. See the No Fear Act and the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act. However, action may be taken against an individual for knowingly making a false complaint or providing false information.