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Fraud & Security

As theft, fraud and instances of stolen identity become increasingly prevalent threats, the security of your personal information remains a top priority at American AgCredit. We use industry-leading best practices to ensure your account information stays secure. You can better protect yourself by recognizing, preventing and reporting fraudulent activity and by understanding and implementing the tips, policies and procedures outlined in the topics below.

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Types of Fraud & Security Attacks

Understanding how fraud affects your business is an important step in preventing it. Here are some of the common methods fraudsters use. It’s important to note that multiple techniques are often used in a single fraud attempt.

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Reduce Your Fraud Risk

Businesses, from large corporations to small “Mom and Pop” stores, are targets for a variety of illegal schemes. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you better protect your identity, accounts, and online activities.

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Reduce Your Security Risk

The Internet provides an opportunity to conduct business electronically, however it also introduces a significant amount of risk. Its use can expose customers to an increased risk of fraud and identity theft. Financial cybercrime is an increasingly prevalent problem around the world and it results in millions of dollars in business losses each year in the United States alone.

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Real-Life Fraud & Security Attacks

When malware gets on a computer, it can manipulate what is seen. The following scenarios are examples of what malware can do once it has control of a computer.

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American AgCredit’s Security Measures

Providing a secure environment where customers can safely interact online with American AgCredit is our number one priority. American AgCredit continually strives to evaluate and enhance the security of our online systems to ensure their safety and effectiveness. The information linked to below illustrates a few examples of steps taken to protect our systems. American AgCredit encourages you to research and understand the risk that doing business on the Internet poses and take the necessary measures to ensure a safe online experience. Visit the “Reduce Your Security Risk” page to learn how you can reduce your risk.

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Report Fraud

If you notice suspicious activity or unauthorized transactions, or believe your account has been accessed without permission, take action immediately.

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Additional Security Resources
The official site of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) features information that can help you avoid identity theft and inform you of what to do if your identity is stolen. Select the Consumer Protection tab to access the most relevant materials.
This site from the FTC provides practical tips that help you guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer and protect your personal information.
The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team site provides information related to current activity or scams, as well as publications on how to secure your computer.
Tips from the FDIC about how to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud.


Fraud Protection Tip #12: Account Takeover

Despite fraud prevention protocol, cyber-account takeovers committed through malicious software installed on computers remains a constant threat to businesses resulting in millions of dollars in losses. Learn how to protect yourself and your business with the latest in our fraud protection series.

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