Manage Equipment and Facilities

Equipment Financing

From cattle ranches to wineries, every agricultural operation needs reliable equipment, technology and facilities.

Whether you are upgrading or maintaining a tractor, combine or any other agricultural equipment, our financing solutions can help ensure your equipment is keeping up. Whether you want to buy equipment outright or lease it, our financing specialists can help find a solution that meets your needs.

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Reliable equipment can make the difference between struggling and thriving. Use a competitively priced term loan or lease to purchase production and processing equipment and help improve your profitability. Our loans and leases can be used for a range of essential equipment and vehicles:

  • Combines
  • Tractors
  • Balers, plows, planters and sprayers
  • Drying and storage equipment
  • Logging equipment

truck in field followed by cattle and 2 ranchers on horseback


Whether you are harvesting wheat or towing a trailer, we want to help you stay on track. Lease a new truck, tractor, trailer or farm vehicle to help get the job done. Many types of farm vehicles may be financed through our leasing programs or AgDirect Equipment Financing.

  • Truck tractors
  • Medium trucks
  • Pickups
  • Trailers
  • Forklifts
    …and more

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When you are looking for simple, fast, and flexible financing on your terms, AgDirect Equipment Financing may be right for you. AgDirect offers eligible customers the option to purchase, lease or refinance equipment direct from the dealer, auction or private party. Equipment financing with AgDirect offers both fixed and variable rate options, and flexible terms from two to seven years. Be sure to ask your equipment retailer for AgDirect by name.

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We offer specialized facility and building loans and leases to help get your next project off the ground. Many producers choose to lease facilities and buildings as a way to free up working capital with long-term fixed-rates and the potential for tax advantages. From processing facilities to greenhouses, we can help you obtain facilities and buildings that help your operation expand.

  • Greenhouses and climate controlled buildings
  • Machine sheds and farm shops
  • Grain bins and handling equipment
  • Livestock and pole barns
  • Cooling and drying equipment

Solar field with vineyard


Unlike traditional banks, our leasing programs are designed to meet the needs of agriculture. We serve operations ranging from small family orchards to large-scale commodity farms. Whatever your leasing needs may be, we have programs available to help your operation.

  • Wine barrels
  • Fruit bins
  • Solar projects
  • Specialized harvesters
  • Irrigation systems
  • Processing lines