Our leasing programs are designed with the specific needs of agriculture in mind.

As an alternative to buying equipment outright, leasing can reduce initial capital requirements, preserve working capital and potentially offer tax advantages. As operating costs increase, leasing the latest technology can help you stay competitive while reducing the risk of obsolescence.

Our leasing programs offer fixed rates, and special pricing on fleet equipment or vehicles through our FleetPartner program. With so many options, including AgDirect Financing and tailored-to-you bundles, our experts are here to help you choose the best leasing solution for your business.


When you are looking for simple, fast leasing on your terms, AgDirect Equipment Financing may be the right fit. AgDirect offers eligible customers the option to purchase, lease or refinance equipment direct from the dealer, auction house or private party. Equipment financing with AgDirect offers both fixed and variable rate options, and flexible terms from two to seven years. Ask your equipment retailer for AgDirect by name, or call us to submit a direct request to AgDirect.


Our wide range of leasing programs allow us to build a custom package based on the terms that best fit your business. Our leasing options include the following:

two big rig trucks in front of vineyards, farm credit leasing for fleet equipment

Fleet Program

We offer competitively priced vehicle leasing (car, pickup, van, SUV, truck tractor, trailer or forklift) for operations with a higher level of equipment needs through our Fleet Leasing Program. In partnership with Farm Credit Leasing, we buy the vehicles that you request and lease them back to you, passing on the savings of buying in bulk.

Overhead view of red tractor harvesting alfalfa field, farm tractor leasing

Delayed Payment Program

Our Delayed Payment program, known as Harvest Pay, allows you to match lease payments to your cash flow. With minimal money down and delayed payments of up to 6 months, you don’t have to wait for your incoming cash to get the equipment you need.

Egg farm under construction, lease farm equipment

Construction Funding Program

For equipment and facility projects that require progressive payments, we can provide interim funding during the building and installation period. This means you have minimal cash outlay until the equipment or project financing is complete.

Farm equipment harvesting cotton

Lease Line Program

Our Lease Line program offers pre-approval up to a set amount, depending on your needs and repayment capacity. It works like a revolving line of credit for your lease. When you have a sense of your yearly expenses, getting a line of credit up to that amount can minimize the amount of time and documentation needed for each new piece of equipment you acquire.

Almond shaker in orchard

Private Party Sale Program

If you are looking to acquire equipment from a private party, but want the advantages of leasing, we are here to help. With a lease, you can expand your operation at a lower cost, with the option to upgrade your equipment whenever you would like. Why not combine the benefits of a lease with the equipment you want? With our private party sale program, we can purchase equipment from a private party and lease it to you.

harvesting farm equipment in alfalfa field

Purchase Leaseback Program

If you would like to free up working capital after purchasing new equipment, the leaseback program may be for you. Many producers opt to lease rather than purchase their equipment and facilites. If you have made a recent equipment or facility purchase within the tax year and realize you would have been better off leasing, it’s not too late. With our leaseback program, we can buy the equipment from you and lease it back to you.

Help Me Choose


Own the equipment, facilities or land you want to use, and benefit from longer term financing and potential appreciation of the land.


Reduce upfront costs, preserve working capital and potentially obtain tax advantages while keeping your equipment and facilities updated

Best For

  • Equipment you want to own permanently
  • Land and real estate
  • Debt refinancing
  • Project-specific equipment or vehicles
  • Equipment that must stay up to date
  • Tax advantaged financing

Our Customers

Borrow For

  • Vineyard and orchard development
  • Packing and storage facilities
  • Debt refinancing
  • Livestock purchases and feed
  • Building repairs and improvements
  • Water development and irrigation projects
  • Operating expenses

Lease For

  • Facilities and buildings
  • Solar projects
  • Processing lines and equipment
  • Vehicles (tractors, trailers, forklifts, etc.)
  • Greenhouse systems
  • Fruit bins
  • Rolling stock
  • Harvest equipment
  • Cooling and drying equipment
  • Wine barrels


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