This page describes the timeline, submission, nomination and election process in detail for the Nominating Committee and the Board of Directors. We encourage every holder of Association voting stock in good standing to become involved!


Each year, the Nominating Committee interviews and recommends nominees for Board Director positions. Directors are elected by stockholders at large for five-year terms beginning August 1. The Nominating Committee is required to slate a minimum of two candidates for each open director position.

Timeline & Dates

  • August – January: Applications submitted and Nominating Committee sourcing of potential candidates for Board Director positions.
  • March: Nominating Committee interviews candidates approved as candidates with the skill set needed.
  • April: Annual Meeting is held.
  • May – June: Voting period.
  • July: Election results announced. Onboarding for directors begins.

Review Process

During the open application/sourcing period, candidate applications are distributed to the Nominating Committee for review. There are many key characteristics that make a good director. Those characteristics include:

  • Strategic and Visionary Thinking
  • Governance and Policy Awareness
  • Financial Expertise
  • Communication Skills
  • Technology
  • Risk Management
  • Human Resource Experience
  • Leadership Capabilities & Experience
  • Passion and Commitment to Farm Credit and Agriculture

Number of Board Seats Available

The Board currently has 24 members, with 20 elected customer-stockholders, three outside appointed directors, and one appointed stockholder director. Each serves a five-year term on a rotating basis.

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The Nominating Committee is made up of 30 members from throughout the various states of the territory in which American AgCredit does business. There are four members from the Great Plains Territory, four members from the Heartland Territory, five members from the Mountain Plains territory, 12 members from the Western Territory, two in each region, and five from New Mexico.

Elections for the Nominating Committee are held annually, with one-year terms beginning August 1.
A minimum of two candidates is desired for each Nominating Committee position.
Each candidate is assigned to a Nominating Territory based upon the location of their operation, or if they reside outside of the chartered territory, their assigned lending officer’s location.

  • August: Nominating Committee meets in person at the Santa Rosa, CA headquarters to kick off election cycle.
  • August – February: Active candidate sourcing for Board.
  • October/January: Telephone conferences to check in on progress, questions and information needed.
  • February: Nominating Committee meets in person in Denver to review resumes.
  • February: Nominating Committee conducts interviews of potential candidates and slates candidates.

Travel expenses and per diem costs are paid by the Association to take part in this process. Any holder of voting stock in good standing is able to submit their candidacy to be on the Nominating Committee for the 1-year term.

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