Board of Directors

Nominating Committee Members

Below is a list of the current sitting Nominating Committee members. Members are elected annually, and are responsible for reviewing and selecting the nominees for the Board of Directors and the next year’s Nominating Committee.

Tom Bengard

Salinas, CA | Western
Mr. Bengard served on the Nominating Committee for American American AgCredit previously and feels he has gained from the opportunity to meet other leaders in the agriculture industry from many different areas.

Teresa Bergkamp

Cheney, KS | Heartland
Through her participation on the Nominating Committee, Ms. Bergkamp seeks to find qualified, trustworthy directors for the board that can guide the association through good and bad times, ensuring a strong financial institution that will remain for future generations. Her varied background will enable her to help find individuals and assess their qualifications and integrity. She looks for directors will represent the average farmer, not just the large operators, and enable the younger generation to get established to have a continuation of family farms.

Julie Betschart

Ripon, CA | Western
Ms. Betschart looks forward to using her experience growing up on a family almond and walnut farm to contribute to the Nominating Committee. As a passionate advocate for the agricultural industry, she looks to enable others to take an active role.

Greg Brenneman

Solomon, KS | Heartland
As a producer, Mr. Brenneman feels it is his responsibility to give back to agriculture. As a member of the Nominating Committee, he believes it is his task to find candidates for both Board of Directors and Nominating Committee that share the passion and vision for the continued success of this cooperative.

Jim Cooksey

Roggen, CO | Mountain Plains

Mr. Cooksey served on the board of American AgCredit for 25 years and seeks to share his insights from that experience with the Nominating Committee.

Chandler Cupp

Scott City, KS | Great Plains
Mr. Cupp plans to use his experience as a borrower, former employee and board member of Farm Credit on the Nominating Committee.

Lani Estill

Cedarville, CA | Western
Ms. Estill brings experience and knowledge of agricultural enterprises coupled with financial, human resources and business background to the Nominating Committee. As a previous committee member, she looks forward to continue her work finding the most qualified Board Member Candidates.

Ty Feldkamp

Lincoln, KS | Heartland

Mr. Feldkamp has served on the Nominating Committee previously and enjoyed meeting and discussing agricultural practices with customers across American AgCredit’s territory.  He understands how valuable the cooperative spirit is to agriculture and wants to play a part in ensuring the success of the organization for future generations.

Eric Flanagan

Healdsburg, CA | Western

Mr. Flanagan is a wine grape producer and long-time American AgCredit customer.  He also has strong expertise in finance and risk management and seeks to help select candidates who will contribute to a successful future for the organization.

Michelle Galimba

Naalehu, HI | Western

Ms. Galimba is the first member of the Nominating Committee to represent Hawaii.  She is a strong advocate for diverse representation at American AgCredit and in the Farm Credit system.

Lisa Hawkins

Waterford, CA | Western

Ms. Hawkins is an almond farmer and has held positions in sales, marketing and management for a local newspaper.  She seeks to contribute to the process of identifying candidates with diverse backgrounds in agriculture who also think progressively about farming.  She believes it is important to uphold the integrity and traditions of the agricultural sector.

Randy Hayzlett

Lakin, KS | Great Plains
Having served on the Nominating Committee for several years, Mr. Hayzlett brings an understanding of the importance finding quality candidates to serve on the Board of Directors. Serving on the numerous other boards and committees, he has a strong background in identifying quality candidates that can contribute to American American AgCredit’s future.

Don Hineman

Dighton, KS | Great Plains

Having served on several boards, Mr. Hineman looks forward to applying those experiences to his service on the Nominating Committee.  He has a deep appreciation of the Farm Credit System and feels strongly that American AgCredit’s strong understanding of agriculture’s capital needs must be preserved and enhanced.

Daisy Huang

Saratoga, CA | Western

Ms. Huang has worked in residential mortgage and real estate for almost 20 years.  As a new farmer, she looks forward to using her strong accounting and financial background to support the Nominating Committee.

Harry Jackson

Palisade, CO | Mountain Plains
As a member of the Nominating Committee for the last four years, Mr. Jackson provides experience in the process of reviewing and nominating candidates for the positions on the Board of Directors.

Andrea Kinnison

Grover, CO | Mountain Plains
Through her service on the Nominating Committee Ms. Kinnison seeks to support American American AgCredit and the farming community by selecting potential directors that align with the core values of what makes American Agriculture–Honesty, Ingenuity, Hard Work, Family, and stewardship of the land. She looks for potential board members who still operate on a hand shake and, have a creative problem solving mentality.

John Muhlner

St Helena, CA | Western
Mr. Muhlner brings 20 years in commercial banking experience to the Nominating Committee. He has a strong background in credit and operations in addition to 20 years of successful farming/ranching. Through his service on the Nominating Committee he seeks to represent both small and large scale farmers and ranchers.

Peter Olsen

Fallon, NV | Western
Having been an American AgCredit customer for many years, Mr. Olsen seeks to serve by being on the Nominating Committee.

Trista Priest

Satanta, KS | Great Plains
As a longtime advocate for Southwest Kansas, and rural life in general, Ms. Priest is pleased to serve on the Nominating Committee. She brings a strong human resources background to the committee, having conducted hundreds of interviews in various team building efforts.

John Redmond

Escondido, CA | Western

Mr Redmond knows first-hand how hard work coupled with a loan can help farmers become successful and achieve their goals.  He wants to help ensure that small operations with a passion for farming have access to funding to help them grow and be successful.

Dennis Swayze

Coldwater, KS | Heartland

Through his service on the Nominating Committee, Mr. Swayze looks to identify candidates with diverse operations and interests that will benefit the overall operations of American AgCredit.

Steven Van Houten

Murrieta, CA | Western
Mr. Van Houten serves on the Nominating Committee in order to help insure American AgCredit continues on its successful path providing a critical service to our agriculture industry. His background in agricultural leadership includes real estate and corporate finance. He holds an MBA in Finance and Strategy and has spent several years as a college professor.