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Digital innovation at Poky Feeders

It’s a hot August morning in western Kansas, and feed trucks are already making the rounds at Poky Feeders. This Scott City feed lot holds 100,000…

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2022 Q2: US Rural Economic Review

Russia’s attack on Ukraine will have long-lasting implications for U.S. rural industries The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought on a new set of economic conditions…

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Go Green Agriculture

Pierre Sleiman, Jr. did not follow a typical path into agriculture. Studying computer science at the University of California, Riverside, he was already on a mission…

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Noble Vineyard Management

Heading north along Highway 101 in Northern California, you follow the path of the Russian River in reverse as it courses through the steep hills and…

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Rau Farms

Change is a constant in agriculture, from the shifting seasons and weather to crop rotations and input costs, new equipment and family transitions. Few of our…

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2021 Q4: Cattle Update

The beef sector is set to close out 2021 on stronger footing than when the year began. Demand for beef, both domestically and internationally, remained robust…

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