Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for patronage?

In general, eligible patronage recipients include holders of Class C Common Stock and Participation Certificates with or for whom the Association conducts patronage business during the year. Please note certain exclusions apply. Contact your relationship manager with any questions regarding your eligibility for patronage.

Who will receive the patronage distribution?

Patronage will be distributed to the primary borrower of the account.

When will I receive my patronage payment?

For standard customers, ACH payments will be distributed on March 21. Patronage checks will be mailed on March 28.

Please note: Participation customers will receive an email from their relationship manager noting the full amount of combined AAC and Participant patronage in April. These customers will have checks mailed or ACH initiated on April 20.

Is patronage taxable income? When will I receive a tax document?

Yes. Cash patronage distributions are taxable as earnings. We will send your IRS Form 1099-PATR for each year patronage is paid no later than January 31 of the subsequent year. For example, the IRS Form 1099-PATR for your 2022 patronage payment will be sent in January 2023. Consult your tax advisor about your specific situation.

Why not reduce interest rates up front?

For two reasons: one, because federal regulations prohibit us from charging below-market interest rates. And two, as a cooperative, ensuring we maintain our financial strength year after year positions us to serve our customers going forward, regardless of the ups and downs of their industry.

What is the breakdown of my patronage by loan?

Please contact your Relationship Manager or Customer Support at 800-800-4865 or


Will AAC be handing out any patronage checks in 2022?

This year, customer relationship teams will not be delivering checks to ensure our customers receive their payments efficiently. Customers will receive patronage via ACH or mailed check.

What happens if I typically have my payment made directly to my loan?

All eligible customers will receive a patronage distribution in the form of cash (either check or ACH), as approved by the Board of Directors. This gives the customer the control and flexibility to move and apply the funds as they wish. For 2022, customers receiving checks can return the unendorsed check along with their application instructions to have their patronage amount applied to their loan balance or placed in their Funds Held account. Please contact your local branch for guidance on when and how to do this safely.

When do I need to cash my check by? What happens if I miss the deadline?

If your check has not been cashed by May 31, 2022, we will cancel it and apply the amount of the cash patronage distribution against your loan.

How do I change the account number or financial institution to receive my patronage payment?

We ask that you complete a new Patronage Designation Authorization form. These can be requested from your Relationship Manager or Customer Support at any time.

For accounts with multiple signers, who is patronage made payable to and can that be changed?

For accounts with multiple signers, the primary borrower will receive the patronage payment.

Can patronage be split into multiple checks made payable to multiple signers on the loan?

No, the primary borrower will receive the full patronage payment.

For Additional Questions

Contact your Relationship Manager or our Customer Service Team at 800-800-4865 or if you still have questions.