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Leasing for Agriculture

Every agricultural operation depends on proper facilities and buildings and reliable equipment. But the real value of equipment comes from operation — not ownership. We offer flexible leasing options to meet the varying needs of your business, ensuring you always have access to the best equipment.

Why Lease?

Leasing can assist in supporting the foundational needs of your business by offering an alternative to a large cash outlay on direct purchases and allowing you to stay up to date with equipment and technology. With no down payment required, leasing allows you to reserve your capital for where it can work the hardest for you. To be eligible for our leasing programs, individuals must be owners of agricultural land or engaged in production agriculture.


What American AgCredit Leases

  • Facilities and buildings
  • Solar projects
  • Processing lines
  • Tractors, trailers, forklifts and other vehicles
  • Fruit bins
  • Equipment
  • Packing equipment
  • Irrigation systems
  • Wine barrels
  • Greenhouse structures
  • Cooling and drying equipment
  • …and much more

Leasing Benefits

  • Requires no down payment
  • Helps conserve working capital
  • Helps minimize the risk of equipment becoming obsolete
  • Can provide steady, annual tax write-offs
  • May help you accelerate the write-off on certain assets

Leasing Programs

Our spectrum of leasing programs allows us to tailor a lease package based on what’s best for your business. True lease or capital lease? We will work with you to get the most beneficial lease structure for your operation. Our flexible portfolio of options includes the following.

two big rig trucks in front of vineyards, farm credit leasing for fleet equipment

Fleet Program

We offer competitively priced vehicle leasing (car, pickup, van, SUV, truck or forklift) through our Fleet Leasing Program. In partnership with Farm Credit Leasing, we buy the vehicles that you request and lease them back to you, passing on the savings of buying in bulk.

Overhead view of red tractor harvesting alfalfa field, farm tractor leasing

Delayed Payment Program

Our Delayed Payment Program, known as Harvest Pay, allows you to match lease payments to your cash flow. With minimal money down and delayed payments of up to 6 months, you don’t have to wait for your incoming cash in order to get the equipment you need.

Egg farm under construction, lease farm equipment

Construction Funding Program

For equipment and facility projects that require progress payments, we provide interim funding during the building and installation period. This means you have minimal cash outlay until the equipment or project is complete.

Farm equipment harvesting cotton

Lease Line Program

Our Lease Line Program offers pre-approval up to a set amount, depending on your needs and repayment capacity. When you have a sense of what your expenditures will be for the year, getting a line of credit up to that amount can help streamline the process and minimize documentation for every new piece of equipment you acquire.

Almond shaker in orchard

Private Party Sale Program

If you’re looking to acquire equipment from a private party but want the advantages of leasing, we can help. We can purchase the equipment from the private party and lease it to you.

American AgCredit loan officer and farmer shaking hands in front of farm equipment

Purchase Leaseback Program

If you’ve purchased something and now realize you would have been better off leasing, it isn’t too late. With our Purchase Leaseback Program, we can buy the equipment from you and lease it back to you.

Learn more about American AgCredit

We are a leading provider of loan, lease and crop insurance products, each customized to the unique needs of your growing business. We are a member-owned cooperative that supports all segments of agriculture with reliable, consistent credit and financial services. Our range of financial services includes farm loans, farm mortgage loans, equipment loans, livestock loans, first time farmer loans and operations loans, as well as crop insurance and farm credit leasing programs.

We are a part of the Farm Credit System, a nationwide agricultural network that serves rural America by providing credit and affiliated services to farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses. Overall, the Farm Credit System supplies the nation’s agricultural industry with nearly one third of its credit needs.

Our flexible programs ensure we have an agriculture loan designed to help your business grow:

  • Real estate purchases and improvement
  • Vineyard and orchard development
  • Packing and storage facilities
  • Timber/land purchases
  • Livestock purchases and feed
  • Production and processing equipment purchases
  • Building repairs and improvements
  • Construction development
  • Water development and irrigation projects
  • Operating expenses
  • Debt refinancing