Summer 2015 Newsletter

“Today we are optimally positioned to handle the stress that’s coming into the market. Farm Balance sheets are much less leveraged going into this potential downturn as well. In short, we all learned a lot from the 1980’s—and producers, as well as the Farm Credit System, are much better prepared.”

Fall 2014 Newsletter

“Our nation, our food supply, and ag producers need a healthy Farm Credit System. As a business owner, keep that in mind when telling out story with other producers, and other lenders-who aren’t interested in making sure you have choice in financing.”

Fall 2013 Newsletter

This year has been full of activity for everyone, and American AgCredit has ended the third quarter in a very strong position. As of September 30, 2013, your Association has made significant progress toward meeting our year-end goals, and has finalized design plans for our new administrative headquarters building.

Fall 2012 Newsletter

Your Association can look back on a strong first quarter of 2013 that has set the foundation for a stable and successful remainder of the year. To date, the year has been positive, most commodities are doing well, and we are seeing strong loan growth continuing from Q4 2012 into this year.