Being in the tree business – whether nuts, citrus, fruits or avocado – can be a challenge. You need a lender who knows those challenges as well as you do. Market fluctuations, weather issues, pests, rising costs and export competition can all impact your operation, but where other lenders might leave you holding the bag, we’ve worked to make flexible financing products to help you weather any storm. For 100 years, we’ve made it our business to understand the unique aspects of running an orchard operation.

The citrus market is constantly in transition to meet changing market needs, fluctuating weather and pests, as well as growing demand, but remains strong. Smaller operations face rising costs for insurance, workers compensation, utilities, fees and licenses, making it harder to show a good profit. Whatever the challenges may be for your orchard operation, you need a financial partner who understands your business and agricultural cycles and can provide you stability and a wide range of financial products and services.

  • Operating loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Crop insurance products
  • Equipment purchases & leasing
  • Mortgage financing

From loans to empower your orchard to crop insurance to protect your operation, we have the expertise to help you manage your growing operation. Call and talk with a loan officer today at 1-800-800-4865.