What’s the difference between timber and lumber? If your lender doesn’t know, come talk to a Loan Officer here at American AgCredit, where we make your business our business. We have a full staff of timber specialists and foresters – who understand your business – available to get you the help you need.

We know the national and global timber industry is always changing, and increased environmental regulations and economic pressures impact your industry in lots of ways. Timberland owners and contract loggers deal with fluctuating log prices, tighter margins and costly forest practice regulations, and that creates unique financial needs for your industry that other businesses just don’t have to face. Our full range of Operating Loans, Lines of Credit and Lease Products can help during these challenging economic times, and appraisals of agriculture lands, timberlands, sawmills and remanufacturing facilities are available as well.

  • Operating loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Appraisal services
  • Equipment purchases & leasing

Understanding both the forestry and financial sectors is essential to providing you with the full range of lending services your business needs — and we can provide loans structured to complement cash flow from timber harvests and long-term financing on timber and timberland. We have a great staff of registered, professional foresters and appraisers who work in conjunction with our Capital Markets Group, and they have the experience and expertise to understand the current demands and unique aspects of your operation. Call and speak with one of our Loan Officers today at 1-800-800-4865.