Farm Credit of New Mexico and American AgCredit Merger

Growing Agriculture

Our customers are growing, adapting, and changing the shape of agriculture.

And so are we. Farm Credit of New Mexico intends to merge with American AgCredit in 2023. This merger would allow us to evolve into one Association that is well-positioned to partner in the success of our customers and teams.

The size, capital and diversified expertise of the merged association would bring new opportunities and value to our customers.

American AgCredit, Farm Credit of New Mexico Merger

We know you may have questions regarding the intent to merge. We are still early in the merger process and many details are yet to be finalized. But we commit to sharing more information as we’re able during the upcoming months and below in our FAQ.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does this merger mean for my business with American AgCredit?

It is unlikely that you and your lending teams see any tangible impacts on a day-to-day basis. The merger would add to the overall good financial health of the organization by providing increased geographic and sector portfolio diversity. In addition, the merger would bring in capital to allow American AgCredit serve additional customers.

How will this impact my patronage?

A larger capital base and a diversified portfolio should provide stability and allows us to weather the ups and downs that come with commodity markets. The expected increased efficiency may improve profitability, providing a safety net for a stable and consistent patronage program and the potential for an increase in patronage distributions.

How will this impact the board of directors and cooperative governance?

The stockholders of Farm Credit of New Mexico would be represented as a part of the merged association board.

When can you give me more details?

We will share information as it becomes available.