To enhance the security of our customers’ online banking accounts, this enrollment form must be completed by an authorized signer on the loan. Although other individuals can be designated as the Administrator, as outlined below, only authorized signers can complete the enrollment form.

Please note: If you have already submitted an Administrator designation you do not need to submit another designation.



American AgCredit’s new online banking tool is designed to meet the needs of the farmers and ranchers of America. To prepare for the launch of the new tool, you must designate one individual to serve as the online banking Administrator (Administrator) who can then manage all other users and their permissions.

To learn more about the role of an administrator and the benefits to your business, click here to view frequently asked questions.

Important note: We strongly recommend that the Administrator be an authorized signer or directly associated with the loan. To learn more about why, click here to see frequently asked questions.

The online banking Administrator has important rights and privileges. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to designating your Administrator. Once confirmed, the Administrator has the ability to:

  • Create, delete or restrict access of other users and their permissions, including transaction limits
  • Link external bank accounts
  • Transfer funds (if applicable)
  • Act as the primary contact point with American AgCredit for maintenance on an account and to request additional services. Note: sub-users can always call Customer Service for assistance for routine questions and technical support.


Please use the form below to designate an Administrator, completing all required fields. Again, we highly recommend that the Administrator is an authorized signer or directly associated with your loan(s).

Indicate Level of Access Desired for the Online Banking Administrator designated above:*
Transactional Gives the Online Banking Administrator the ability to create and maintain additional users, assign roles and permissions, view account history, draft images and statements, and move money internally and externally via ACH.  Any additional users can be set up as either Transactional or View Only.
View Only Gives the Administrator the ability to create additional users, view account history, draft images, and statements, but not initiate transactions.  Any additional users can only be View Only.

Screenshot #1  Guidance for Customer Name:

Guidance for Customer Name

Screenshot #2  Guidance for Customer ID field:

Guidance for Customer ID field



AAC systems – including online banking – will be unavailable from Sept. 29 at 8 p.m. MT through Oct. 2 at 9 a.m. MT.

If you require assistance during this time, please call 800-869-6034 for support.