What is it?

Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) is a federal crop insurance policy which provides area plan rainfall coverage for grass that is used for grazing, forage or haying—including alfalfa. PRF is designed to insure against a decline in precipitation on a Rainfall Index, which is approximately a 17-mile by 17-mile grid.

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How it Works

Losses are paid when rainfall in the insured area falls below the selected percentage of the historic average. Specific monthly intervals and acreage are utilized, resulting in personalized protection for each operation. Premiums are subsidized by the Federal Crop Insurance Program.

Rainfall Index

Coverage is based on rainfall in a defined grid. The rainfall index is based on data from NOAA (same data used for the Drought Monitor and Palmer Drought Index) and not on individual production, so you may have poor production on a grid and still not receive an indemnity or vice versa.

You must select at least two, 2-month periods (index intervals) during which precipitation is important to your operation.

PRF Support Tools

The RMA offers PRF support tools, including grid locator, historical indices and decision support tools, to help you determine whether PRF is right for your operation.


Contact a crop insurance agent in your area for more information. The PRF annual sign-up deadline is December 1.



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