Online Consumer Privacy Notice

What does American AgCredit do with your personal information?

What is Personal Information?

The categories of personal information we collect frequently depends on the product or service you have with or are requesting from us. This information may include:

  • Identifiers, such as name, alias postal addresses, street addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, date of birth, Social Security number, Driver’s license number, Passport number, online identifier, and Internet Protocol address
  • Professional and Employment information
  • Legally Protected Characteristics, such as race, gender and national origin
  • Financial Information, including account balances, transaction history, credit information, assets and liabilities
  • Internet Activity, such as your interaction with our website
  • Inferences drawn from any of the information provided to create a customer profile
  • Geolocation data
  • Photographic images of personal or real property

Does American AgCredit sell your personal information?

American AgCredit does not sell your personal information.

American AgCredit uses the above information in order to provide you with the services and products you use or have requested and to further enhance available services where applicable.

American AgCredit shares your information only in those situations allowed by law or regulation, as follows:

  • For everyday business purposes such as to process your transactions, maintain your accounts, respond to court orders and legal investigations.
  • For our marketing purposes (please see below to limit the ways we contact you).
  • Requests from regulatory examiners and our funding bank.
  • Requests from law enforcement agencies or departments of the United States in connection with a legitimate law enforcement inquiry or as permitted or otherwise required in connection with criminal or civil proceedings.
  • Information provided for the confidential use of a Farm Credit institution in contemplation of the extension or administration of credit or the collection of loans.
  • Acting as a credit reference for you with other lenders and providing information to a credit bureau or other consumer reporting agency.
  • Use of real estate appraisal information in connection with an American AgCredit employee’s application with a State licensing agency to become a licensed real estate appraiser after certain personal information has been removed from the appraisal report.
  • Requests from American AgCredit shareholders for permitted use in connection with Director elections and other permissible shareholder communications, provided the shareholder certify in writing that they will utilize the list exclusively for communicating with other shareholders for permissible purposes and not make the list available to any other person other than the shareholder’s attorney or accountant.
  • For the purpose of protecting American AgCredit’s security position, information provided to buyers, warehousemen and others who deal in produce or livestock of the kind that secures such loans as permitted by law.
  • Information disclosed pursuant to your written consent.
  • Marketing purposes.

How to Limit?

If, for any reason you would like to be removed from our marketing distribution list, please contact us at: 800.800.4865; on our website at Set My Marketing Preferences, or emailing

To limit marketing distribution and be placed on our internal “Do Not Call List” please contact us at; 800.800.4865; or on our website at Set My Marketing Preferences.

We do not sell your personal information. However, you may submit a verified request to opt-out of sales and we will record your choice.  Opt-out requests may be made by contacting us at Do Not Sell My Personal Information link.

Consumers have the right to submit a verified request for disclosure of any what personal information we have collected about you. Subject to verification and some exemptions, you also have a right to request for correction or deletion of your personal information.

To submit a request to know, correct, or delete personal information we may have collected from you, consumers can either visit a branch location or submit a Data Subject Request Form. 

American AgCredit does not discriminate against anyone who exercises any of their privacy rights.

For American AgCredit Employees

Please refer to the CCPA Online Employee Privacy Notice found in the current Human Resources System.

How does American AgCredit protect my personal information?

The Association complies with all applicable state and federal privacy laws.

As a member/borrower of this institution, the privacy and security of your personal information are vital to our continued ability to serve you.

To protect your information from unauthorized access and use, we continually strive to evaluate and enhance the security of our online systems.

Methodologies include encryption, enhanced authentication, firewalls, session timeouts and secure communication.

For more information visit Security Measures.

How to request more information?

Phone: 888.412.5759


Please review our Privacy Policy for more details.



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