On 2,000 acres in Kansas, the Pauly family operates a cash grain operation and wheat seed business, employing a variety of financial solutions from American AgCredit to support consistent growth and diversification for more than three decades.

Tom and Laura Pauly

The story of this partnership began 32 years ago when Tom and Laura Pauly sought to buy their first home. Following the advice of Tom’s father, who had worked with Farm Credit himself, they applied for and received a mortgage loan, working with relationship manager Joe Watt.

Pauly Farm wheat, Viola, Kansas

Sixteen years later, Tom and Laura decided to branch out from the family dairy and wheat operation and establish their own farming legacy. The couple, again turned to Joe for help getting a real estate loan to purchase their first acreage, where they started a cash grain operation.

Over the ensuing years, the Paulys switched fully to no-till practices and gained significant cost savings.

They also added acreage and diversified their crops. Today, the Paulys raise wheat, soybeans, corn, grain sorghum, and certified wheat seed, a lucrative crop that encompasses half of their acreage and delivers a premium price over regular wheat.

This financial bonus is part of what’s enabled them to continue to expand their operation while strengthening their financial position.

Tom Pauly with Joe Watt

The deep expertise and guidance from American AgCredit relationship manager Joe Watt has played a role in the successful partnership. While the Paulys are well equipped to make their own business decisions, they turn to Joe for his financial expertise. This includes Joe’s honest assessment of the family’s balance sheet and financial progress, as well as his expertise in recommending loan structures that work best for their operation and help the couple achieve their financial goals. Now holding operating lines of credit, equipment loans, leases, and mortgage loans with American AgCredit, the Paulys are well positioned to continue their trend of success, with Joe Watt by their side.

“My relationships with my customers develop over time as trust is built between us. My customers come to know that I’m going to put together the very best deal for them that I can.” — Joe Watt

detail of Pauly Farm truck door with logo

Pauly Farm, Viola, Kansas

Tom and Laura Pauly with Joe Watt

Tom and Laura Pauly with Joe Watt

crop field

Pauly Farm, Viola, Kansas

farmer standing in front of farm equipment and silo

Tom Pauly, Pauly Farm, Viola, Kansas

American AgCredit truck on dirt road

Pauly Farm, Viola, Kansas



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