Teresa Reimer

Age as of March 1, 2023:       60

Residence Location:  Cimarron, KS

Place of Operation:  Cimarron, KS

Business Experience: In partnership with my husband Jim Reimer, I am actively involved with all aspects of our ranching operation. Since 1982, first with my late husband then as sole operator, I managed a diversified operation that included wheat, milo, alfalfa, cattle, hogs, & sheep. Along with my farming operation, I worked for the Solomon Valley RC&D from 2005 to 2013, as grant writer and administrator, project manager, and watershed coordinator. From 2013 to 2015, I was manager of the Pawnee Watershed District.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree, General Studies/Leadership

Current Boards: American AgCredit

Strategic & Visionary Thinking: Each year the American AgCredit board and management team dedicate two days to training on strategy before we work on the association’s short- and long-term plans. This has built on the training I received and the work I’ve done to develop the strategic plans for the Solomon Valley and Smokey Hills RC&D Areas and the Kansas Black Farmers. Without a well-thought-out and researched plan, put into action, an organization or business is just treading water hoping their efforts will lead to success.

Corporate Governance: Since being elected, I’ve been on the Governance Committee for American AgCredit and serve as the Vice-Chair. As a life-long learner, I’ve formally studied corporate governance, board ethics, and non-profit management. I participated in board training programs through K-State, KARL, and Farm Bureau. Part of my job with the Solomon Valley RC&D was to host board governance and ethics training programs for watershed districts, and several other community, government, and agriculture organizations.

Financial Expertise: As an AAC Board member, it is my duty to understand the finances of our business and study the monthly reports. I have also worked with lending institutions as an employee, committee member, and borrower. I have managed the marketing and finances for my own farming/ranching operation, owned and operated rental properties, and managed the finances for multiple grants. I am familiar with various documents used by board members to monitor the organization’s financial health.

Communication: Effective communication skills are essential to any successful organization, business, or relationship. I use skills learned during special FCCS training when visiting with Congressmen at the DC Fly-in and in board and committee meetings. In August, I was a speaker for AAC’s companywide Empower Summit. I’ve also attended Dale Carnegie and Kansas Farm Bureau’s Spokesperson training. I feel equally comfortable speaking in front of large groups, in small meetings, or one-on-one with people.

Technology: Whether it’s farming or banking, it’s essential to stay informed about current and immerging technology. I stay up to date through in-person Farm Credit trainings, webinars, and reading industry magazines. Our board feels so strongly about the value of understanding technology that we hire industry professionals to provide us with information on who’s using what tech and how that tech will impact our industries. We strategically invest in tech that provides the greatest return for our customers.

Human Resource Management: The most valuable resource in any organization or business is its people. Building a culture where employees thrive is essential to attracting the best talent and ensuring that that talent has the tools to do their best work. A board’s responsibility is to hire a CEO and appointed directors that can build and maintain that kind of flourishing company culture. This was high on our Governance Committee’s list this year as we interviewed candidates for the appointed position of Financial Expert.

Risk Management: On our ranch, I utilize insurance, forward contracting, government programs, hedging, and diversification to mitigate risk. American AgCredit uses similar tools to address risks but also mitigates cyber security, credit, geopolitical, reputation, regulatory, and interest rate risks. As a board, we work closely with management to set the correct level of risk tolerance and continuously monitor our risk levels. I’ve attended continuing education sessions on recognizing and addressing risk.

Leadership: To demonstrate my dedication to a life of Leadership, I look for opportunities to serve the AAC community by attending sponsored events, public speaking, and advocating for agriculture. I’ve attended Farm Credit’s prestigious Gettysburg and Louis & Clark leadership training courses. I am a graduate of KARL Class XII, Kansas Farm Bureau Master’s program, and Organizational Leadership certificate through FHSU. I have held leadership positions in many community, county, and state organizations.



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