Online Banking


What is available using Online Banking?

Online Banking is an application that allows you to access your account information via the Internet. Customers can view their account balances, current payment due, accrued interest, transaction history, interest rate, draft images, and other important account information. You are also able to view and download statements. You may also request transfers between your American AgCredit accounts or request to make payments or disbursements to your external accounts at other financial institutions via Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer services.

What customers are eligible to use Online Banking?

All customers are eligible to use Online Banking as long as they have an active loan in good standing.

Does it cost anything to enroll in Online Banking?

No.  Enrollment in Online Banking is absolutely free, and there are no fees or costs to utilize the services.

Can I export the information from Online Banking to my home money management software?

Yes. All information is exportable in a variety of formats to assist in loading data into external applications. Format options include HTML, PDF, comma-delimited (csv), tab-delimited and plain text. If you want to transfer your account information into a specific software program, you may export the data in a comma-delimited format. The data can then be imported to your software.

How do I transfer funds from an outside account?

If you want to set up outside accounts for ACH transactions, go to the Payments & Transfers tab and click Transfers. Then click on either New ACH In or New ACH Out, which will bring up the ACH Services Agreement. The ACH service agreement will only appear on the first template created.  Click I Agree and then click on the +New ACH Account.  Add your banking information and click on Submit and then Send and Done. The new account will appear in the respective drop down list for either ACH Out or ACH In the next business day. You will then be able to go to Payments & Transfers and click on either ACH Out or ACH In to initiate a transaction.

Can I pick any username?

Yes. Within certain parameters. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Usernames must be between 3 and 20 characters comprised of lowercase letters and numbers. Passwords must be between 8 and 15 characters in length, and contain at least one lower case and one upper case letter and one number (e.g., GHij569Q or B4857593a). Special characters are not permitted, such as %, #, &, * and others. Since everyone who signs up to use Online Banking must have a unique username, we regret that we may not be able to give you your first choice if someone has already selected the username you choose. In this case, the system will allow you to enroll, but complete activation of your enrollment will require a new username. American AgCredit Customer Service will contact you and ask you to select another username prior to complete activation, usually within the next business day. The system will send an email that contains your temporary password after your enrollment is activated.

After logging in, you may modify and change your password, and email address under the User Profile sub-menu on the Online Banking Home tab.

What do I do if I forget my username or password?

Simply click on the Forgot your password link and follow the prompts. You will need your user name, email address, and security question answers previously entered into the Online Banking system. A new password will be emailed to you via an automated email from the Online Banking system. After logging in, you may modify and change your password. If you need assistance, please contact customer service at 888.412.5759.

Does each loan account need a separate enrollment completed?

No. Customers may submit one enrollment to access all of the loans, and Funds Held accounts tied to their customer number. Enrolling in just one of the accounts within your customer record will provide access to all of the accounts within that record.

What is the “customer number”?

All of our customers are assigned a customer number, which is a system-assigned, internal number used to tie together all of a customer’s loans, and Funds Held accounts. The data reported in Online Banking is organized by customer number. Some of our borrowers may have more than one customer number if associated with multiple entities.

Can I use any computer to access Online Banking?

Online Banking can be accessed via the Internet using an IBM compatible PC or Macintosh computer. Browser capability should have 128-bit encryption technology to access the service. Currently, Online Banking is certified to work with the most commonly-used browsers: Chrome, Explorer and Firefox.

Who do I contact for help with Online Banking?

We provide a variety of self-help tools that will help you navigate our Online Banking system, including a FAQ list, Quick Reference and a User Guide. If you have additional questions, you may email them to Questions about specific interest rate program questions, loan renewals and requirements, etc., should be directed to your local office or loan officer. For technical help with Online Banking you may contact our Customer Service Center at 888.412.5759.

Should business partners or family members who access the same loan and Funds Held accounts enroll separately?

Yes. Each individual should enroll separately for security purposes. This is particularly important for accounts that are accessed by third parties (e.g. an accountant, bookkeeper or relative).

When I click the BACK button on my browser, I receive a “Webpage has expired” message. How do I navigate through the system?

When you log into Online Banking you will arrive at the Home Page. You can then navigate through the system by using the Main Menu and Sub Menu tabs. We recommend that you do not use the Back button on your browser to return to previous pages. All input screens in Online Banking have a Cancel button that you can use. You can also use the Main Menu and Sub Menu tabs to move around within Online Banking.

What is a Template?

Online Banking provides the ability for you to create and save the From Account and To Account information for frequently used transfer requests. Please refer to the User Guide for instructions on using this time-saving feature.

I can’t access my account. What do I do?

Check to make sure you’re using the correct password and username. If you have changed email accounts or forgotten the answer to your security question, you will need to contact our Customer Service Center at 888.412.5759. Also, please note that customers will not be able to access loans in bankruptcy or foreclosure, stock accounts, or leases, as well as closed loans paid off prior to the previous year.

If I make a payment today on my account, am I credited for today?

Transactions initiated before 9:00 a.m. Hawaii time/ 12:00 p.m. Pacific time/1:00 p.m. Mountain time/2:00 p.m. Central time will be effective that same day. Transactions initiated after the cutoff times will be effective the next business day. Transactions initiated on a weekend or Association holiday will be effective the next business day. For transactions involving external accounts (ACH in or out), you will be credited in two business days. ** If you initiate a transaction after the cutoff times, you will receive an automatic note indicating that the cutoff time for processing a transfer has passed. The system will automatically set the effective date to the next business day. Click on the Submit button to complete the transaction with the updated effective date.

**Please review our  processing hours for a full schedule of holidays and hours of operation.

How will I know if my transfer has gone through?

Once you submit your transaction you will receive a system generated email confirming the transaction has been received.

How is the “as of” date calculated?

The “as of” date reflected in the Online Banking refers to the last processing day. Please be aware that the interest reported has accrued THROUGH the “as of” date. Example 1:  Today is Tuesday May 20th. Online banking would show “as of 5/19/20”. Interest has accrued through May 19th. If a borrower intends to pay accrued interest to zero today, they need to pay the interest amount shown in the “accrued interest” field, as long as payment is received by 12:00 p.m. Pacific time/1:00 p.m. Mountain time/2:00 p.m. Central time today. Example 2:  Today is Monday, March 23rd. Online Banking would show “as of 3/20/20”. Interest has accrued through Sunday, March 22nd. For accounting purposes, on the day before a weekend or holiday, we generally accrue interest through that weekend or holiday.

For what period will my historical data be available?

Historical data is available on all of your accounts, in open or closed status, back to the first day of the 2 years prior. For example, if it is May 2020, then the transaction history back to 1/1/18 will be available. If the account itself closed prior to the first day of the previous year, it will be unavailable for access through Online Banking.